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Natural Stone Slabs: Checklist & How to Choose

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natural stone slabs

If You Want to Use Natural Stone Slabs For Your House, You May Be Worried About The Best Choice.

Of course, there are a lot of Natural Stone Slabs Options!!

So, you do your research to choose the best material that meets your needs.

Choosing your natural stone slabs depends on what kind of look you want.

natural stone slabsIt would help if you considered that all stone slabs have different pros and cons and work better in some situations than others.

Natural stone slabs are different and change in coloration, veins, natural fissures, and even more.

No Two Natural Stone Slabs Are The Same!

The best option for buying stone slabs is getting a fabricator with a warehouse to keep slabs in stock.

This way, you examine the stone slab you will buy and ensure that you will be satisfied with the final results.

If you need some tips on choosing the most suitable natural stone slab for your house, GSI gives you some things to consider before committing to purchase.


1) Think About The End Result For Your Stone Slab:


You should imagine the final look of your space with your new stone slab.

Determine if you like the look of natural veining and imagine it in your finished kitchen or bathroom.

Do you like to see natural fissures, veins, or spots in your design?

After you decide what you want, tell the fabricator about your decision and ask him to evade the characters you don’t want to use.

It may sound like there are a lot of questions!!

stone slabsDon’t hesitate to ask about all the details.

But remember that any right fabricator will avoid personal favorites for their customers.

If you still don’t like what you see, then try to take different slabs.


2) Consider The Veining:


The direction of the veins always makes a difference.

Your fabricator will give you useful advice if you talk to them about it.

After templates are built, you can present them as part of the layout process to ensure that things look exactly the way you want.

It would be best if you did not harry; take your time to choose the right slaps that fit with your space.


3) Feel For Natural Fissures:


Many granite colors have natural fissures.

Please make sure you are comfortable with them before you decide.

Once the surface is placed and sealed, you will not feel the fissure at all.

stonesOn the contrary, these fissures don’t affect the quality of your granite slab.

You do not need to worry about any weak points if an expert well installs the stone.


4) Inquire About Maintenance:


Ensure that a plan is in place to seal the stone after installed by the installer or yourself.

It would help if you also were sure that whatever maintenance is required for the stone slab you choose, you can do it.

Natural stone slabs are low maintenance, but you should be sure of what to do to hold them looking excellent and suitable.


5) View Full-Size Samples of Natural Stone Slabs:


It is not easy to change the stone slab after installing it.

You are buying something that you will keep for a lifetime, so do not rush!

If possible, ask to see completed kitchens with different edge details.

Viewing the full-size sample will give you the best idea of how your edge will look in your house.


6) Pick Out The Natural Stone Slabs In Proper Lighting:


It is a crucial element to take into consideration!!

The best lighting for choosing a stone is the best indoor lighting.

GSI MarbleLooking at the stone slab in the sunlight can distort what the stone will look like indoors.

Also, be sure to take a sample of your stone slab home before buying it.


7) Discuss The Types Of Finish You Want:


Suppose you want brushed or honed countertops to talk to your fabricator about the maintenance.

We recommend that brushed or honed stone be sealed by a professional.

Black granite that is brushed or honed is more challenging to maintain due to visible fingerprints, dust, and marks from cooking oil that can spot your stone slab.


8) Final Choice For Natural Stone Slabs:


If you are still confused between specific colors of stone after reading the full information, pick the stone that stands out to you the most.

For certain multiple types of stone and colors will work well in your space.

CountertopsBut after you check all the technical elements, you can run with your feelings on selecting your new stone slab.

Moreover, you can contact us for more information!


It Is a Crucial Decision to Take About Your Natural Stone Slabs!!

You need to be comfortable with each part of your house.

Don’t rush choosing the natural stone slabs for your kitchen or bathroom.

Granite, Marble, & GraniteAnd remember to deal with the right fabricator that advises you and gives you multiple options.

Moreover, it is not that hard to pick a new stone slab. Just follow your feelings, determine your real desires, and visit our warehouse.