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Quartzite Slabs Advantages as a Countertop Material

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Quartzite Slabs are strong, beautiful, durable stones and one of the most reliable rocks to use in interior design and decoration.

Meanwhile, it is hard to find a house with no quartzite products in its kitchen, bathrooms, or other rooms.

Not to talk about how it is widely used in building facades.

It is not a modern tradition to use Quartzite Slabs in buildings and rooms because it has been used for centuries in royal places, which shows us the considerable value of such a stone.

What are Quartzite Slabs?

Quartzite Slabs are a hot contender for the best Material to use in kitchen countertops.

It’s important not to mix quartz for quartzite! 

Quartzite Slabs are natural metamorphic stones made of the mineral quartz.

Over time it turns into sandstone and evolves after exposure to extreme heat and pressure.

It’s then quarried and cut into small slabs to use in making countertops.

Advantages of Quartzite Slabs as a Kitchen Countertop Material:

Don’t miss Quartzite Slabs when looking for the best surfacing material.

Here are why you may want to use Quartzite Slabs in your home:

1) Durable and Harder than Granite:

Quartzite Slabs are harder than Granite, and they can cut through hard glass.

This means that Quartzite Slabs are stronger than glass and granite.

You can know whether you’re using real Quartzite Slabs by doing the glass test.

True quartzite can scratch a glass tile while fake stones may only leave a scratch, faint mark, or powdery trail.

Quartzite Slabs may still break a little but they can survive more than other elements in your home.

It also acts well with heat.

Quartzite Slabs are porous, but they’re less porous than granite.

It may need little or no sealing but as you’re dealing with a natural stone, you might need to seal it too for extra protection.

2) Resist Etching:

True Quartzite Slabs can resist etching.

When revealed to things like vinegar or lemon juice, it doesn’t show stains, unlike marble.

So if you’re thinking about marble but are worried about ugly spots, Quartzite Slabs can be a great choice.

3) Easy to Care for:

Since Quartzite Slabs work well with heat and acidic materials, they are the best with busy kitchens or families with little kids.

But still, having your Quartzite countertop sealed over time by an installer is a good idea.

After all, Quartzite Slabs are a natural stone and have a level of porosity.

It’s also important to clean spills as soon as possible.

When you’re washing your counters, make sure to use a moderate or pH-balanced soap.

You should also pay attention to use mats, trivets, and coasters when placing hot pans on your countertops.

And this applies to sharp objects too, be careful!

Quartzite Slabs are scratch-resistant but sealants are not, so avoid using abrasive cleaners.

4) Cost-Effective:

When considering the cost of countertop stuff, you should look for the initial expense and think about maintenance and durability.

Quartzite Slabs can be more expensive than human-made choices but they cost less than marble.

Exotic or rare kinds may cost more.

And it’s the same for thicker Quartzite Slabs. Special fabrication may also change the price of quartzite surfacing.

But since the use of Quartzite Slabs as a countertop is growing, it’s not difficult to see its price go lower in the future.

5) Available in Various Colors:

Quartz has more colour choices as colour pigments of your option can be added during the manufacturing process.

But Quartzite Slabs can also come in different colours!

The look of Quartzite Slabs can be a strength or weakness, depending on your choice.

You may see streaks on some slabs, carried about by the changes in temperature and pressure during its formation.

6) Can be Purchased in Stone Yards Near You:

Going local when it comes to your home improvement can save you money, resources, and time.

It’s great to go to a reputable natural stone supplier and installer for your Quartzite Slabs.

Ask to see the stone slab before it gets released and installed in your kitchen.

Take your time to visit the supplier showroom so you can also check possible choices.

There may be a difference with the appearance of Quartzite Slabs when it gets installed so it to’s better to

see an example first so you can set your expectations.

Uses of Quartzite Slabs:

Quartzite Slabs are widely used in construction and decoration due to their unique properties and fascinating shapes.

Window sills, ladders, sinks, shower cubicles, facades of houses, and decorative items are good examples that show how this stone can be used ideally.

Its ability of fire and moisture resistance has made this stone a popular material for decorating baths.

In interiors, stairs, walls, and floors, most people are now using quartzite slaps due to their high quality and affordable prices.

Its uses are not limited to interior decoration.

It is also used in the building process of footpaths, runaways, and facades because of its hardness and high quality.

It is also used when erecting buildings, and its moisture resistance allows it to be used in basements.

As a Work Surface

Quartzite countertops are one of the best choices for kitchens meant to accommodate family meals.

This gorgeous unique surface requires less maintenance than other kinds of surfaces because of its high quality and resistance (resistant to chemicals, extreme temperatures, and etching).

As we see, Quartzite Slabs are a great choice whenever you want to re-decorate your home and give it a luxurious look!

Quartzite Slabs are heat and scratch resistant which makes them a great option for a lifetime.

But, as you’re dealing with a natural stone, it’s best to take care of your Quartzite Slabs, clean them, seal them when needed so they can serve you for a long time!