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How to Make Your Granite Shine: Follow These Simple Steps!

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Granite is a great choice to decorate the inside or outside of your house because of its smooth and unique texture.

If you want your space to look elegant, granite is the best choice to give your house elegance and unique decor due to its variety of shapes and beautiful colors.

But the best thing ever is to make your granite shine!

To make your granite shine and give the greatest possible shape, follow this guide that will help you to overcome its dullness.

What is the Secret to Make Your Granite Shine?

What makes granite great is the ability to produce luminosity because it contains a high percentage of quartz, and that happens after it’s polished at the fabrication facility.

Granite polishes itself, and it can be seen clearly at its edges when it’s well-polished.

What More to Make Your Granite Shine?

There are many ways you can use to make your granite shine and bright.

It does need a bit of effort, but the result is worth it.

  • Maintain Shininess.

The best way to make your granite shine as you have bought it new is to clean the surfaces regularly and wipe it with mild dish soap, warm water, and soft paper towels to remove all the dirt accumulated on the surface.

However, if you want to use a more effective and faster way, use a special non-chemical granite cleaner to clean deeper without damaging the stone to make your granite shine.

Be careful; you should never use ordinary household cleaning products on your granite such as Clorox, Vinegar, and Windex because it will damage your stone and make it unpolished.

  • Increasing the Shine.

Another way to make your granite shine and give it a better look is by polishing it with special polishes products.

You can find them on any market, but never forget to read the instructions on these products because each product works differently.

Good use of the cleaning tool and cleaning method gives better results.

But using a rough wiper can hurt the granite, so it’s better to use soft cotton clothes for cleaning, and clean materials must reach the whole surface to get a complete cleaning.

Other Ways to Make Your Granite Shine and Maintain Your Granite Quality.

Sometimes a simple step gives interesting results!

Preserving granite depends on its appearance and its structure and quality, and this is done by sealing it.

Sealing is a great way to keep your stone foundation and protecting it from damage or outside factors such as harmful liquid and dirt.

  • Granite Sealing Method.

Of course, you have to pick the product of sealer very carefully; it’s available in any market, so you can easily find and choose it.

There is more than one way to spread this product on a granite surface depending on your choice.

It can be applied with a brush or spray tool; you can know how to use it from the instructions written on the product; follow them closely for guaranteed results!

Before using the sealing product, the most essential step is to ensure that the granite is cleaned either on the countertops or the other granite surfaces in the special cleaners.

The way to use a sealer and make your granite shine: 

After applying it to the granite, wait about 15 minutes; if you noticed that your granite absorbed the sealant, you should apply another layer, then you can remove any excess sealant.

Please don’t use a surface for about a day to ensure the desired result.

  • Be Careful When You Use Granite.

Although granite is the hardest decorative stone, you should be careful to handle it.

You can use protective materials and constant cleaning, and you should use shredder boards when cutting food to avoid damaging the stone and the knife and make your granite shine.

If you pay attention, you’ll always make your granite shine, and it will serve you for a lifetime.

We should never forget to tell you why granite roofs are also the best!

There are many reasons!

The most important is that granite is the strongest natural stone.

It’s also colorful, you can pick any color and pattern, and it will give you color symmetries and beautiful decorations.

You can also use granite wherever you want! In your kitchen surfaces, baths, and even terraces!

When you make enough effort to make your granite shine; you’ll see how strong and durable this stone is!

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Make Your Granite Shine.

There are many common questions that homeowners have about how to make your granite shine.

Can You Polish the Granite by Yourself to Make Your Granite Shine?

In fact, you can, and you can also hire a professional to do that, but it could also be a DIY job.

How Often Should You Re-Seal Granite?

Granite is one of the less porous natural stones, but you still have to re-seal it once a year.

Some types may need to be re-sealed more than once, depending on the kind of stone.

How Often Do You Have to Clean to Make Your Granite Shine?

When you clean your granite slabs every day, it may maintain their quality.

You should clean at least once a week, so you never lose its brightness.

Granite can be a great choice for your house, but you need to make your granite shine to get that luxurious look!

Granite has limitless colors and shapes, it’s strong and durable, and highly resistant.

So, if you’re looking to redecorate your home, take granite into consideration!

You can use the simple steps mentioned above to make your granite shine and keep your house look awesome!

Do not forget to take these above steps to have the best shiny granite stone and get the results you want.