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The Different Types of Granite Bar Tops 2021: What to Choose?

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As homeowners, we are always looking for the best decoration for our homes.

And when we talk about decoration we can never underestimate the power of natural stone to add more beauty to our space.

In this case, the best choice is Granite stone, Granite bartops will add a great touch to your place.

So if you are about to redecorate your kitchen and choose the perfect Natural Stone this guide is yours!

The solution is Granite bartops!

You will not only get the picture of shapes, but you will also know all the information you need.

We will give you an idea about bartops factors like colors, thickness, and cost to choose the right one.

What is the Definition of Granite Bartops and What Does it Contain?

Granite is a subterranean igneous rock that occurs at high temperatures.

It consists of quartz and feldspars with some amphibole minerals and mica.

These mineral grains in granite are so large that they can be easily distinguishable, many of the atoms are about 0.5 cm wide.

These rocks bear the color gray, pink, or white, the color determination depends on the nature of the components mineral, so it has beautiful ornate shapes in its component texture.

It is also considered the hardest rock, this hardness makes it timeless, unaffected by external factors, which gives us the ability to polish and beautify it as we want.

All these characteristics make it special and attract people to use Granite bartops.

Granite Bartops Colors:

That’s the beauty of Granite bartops!

Granite bartops can come in different colors and textures, so you can know the minerals that shape the stone according to these colors because each metal gives you a different color.

Since granite is 100% natural, not man-made, so there’s no stone that matches the other, imagine how many choices you have!

You will have a special decoration for your kitchen and your Granite bar top, and, it will be almost limitless selections for you to choose from.

Types of Granite Bartops Colors:

1- White for a Shiny Look:

Granite is a milky color, not a bright white, as humans make it.

Everything that’s bright white is not pure granite, it’s quartz because natural granite contains quartz as well as Feldspar minerals, which shade white to become milky, also has roses and patches of different colors in its texture, making the white color looks different.

Most upscale communities tend to use classical white Granite bartops for their elegant decorative appeal, due to the variety of options available to them.

You can choose from Alaska white granite, Moon white granite, Bianco Antico Granite, Ivory Fantasy Granite, and the list goes on!

  • Alaska White Granite:

It is a unique stone made of a frozen silver pale and a very distinctive white color.

It has different sizes, so you can use it for exterior and interior Granite bartops to have spectacular, more attractive shapes, and that’s because there are dark minerals that run all over it, ranging from dark brown to black to gray.

What a great choice for Granite bartops!

2- Black for Strength and Classy Look:

Black Granite bartops are an igneous stone that looks like basalt in shape, it mainly consists of plagioclase and oxen minerals.

It’s a common natural stone because it has a sharp and strong appearance, especially for homeowners who prefer their decorations to look attractive and elegant, they choose fancy black granite as their first choice for Granite bartops.

In addition, black Granite bartops are recommended for both interior and exterior designs.

We use it to create beautiful granite countertops, floors, architectural features, and outdoor cladding.

So, if you want to remodel your kitchen or make great Granite bartops, the perfect mixture of black granite with white veins and different colors can give the space a magic design.

There are a lot of types of black granite-like Black Galaxy Granite, Black Pearl Granite, and Uba Tuba Granite.

Here’s an example of Black Galaxy Granite Bartops:

Black Galaxy granite has a special shape, it is an overall black stone with shining white and gold spots.

These scattered spots can vary in size from very tiny to big, and this what I mean when I said it has a special shape because these magical parts will add further emotion and it creates a sensual mood in your kitchen.

Not only this, it has also a lot of characteristics like High wet resistance, outstanding stability, and facility of maintenance all these things make it a wonderful stone.

Another great choice for Granite bartops!

3- Brown Granite to Proper and Statement Look:

It is a type of granite that is used in many places such as in the kitchens, bathrooms, industry, and Granite bartops.

It has a calm look and a unique color that makes you feel comfortable when you look at it.

You can easily mix this kind of granite with your furniture because of its harmonic color which gives a great appearance and enhances the value of your place.

It’s known or more common among homeowners and architects that brown Granite bartops are the most versatile of all.

So brown color is the best for your Granite bartops as it will give you a magical look with yellow dim lights and makes you feel warm, homey, and in familiar condition.

You can take a look at some most famous types of granite kitchen tops like Coffee Brown Granite, Baltic Brown Granite, and Tan Brown Granite.

Coffee Brown granite has a brown light mocha to dark chocolate.

This elegant color enhances any area and creates feelings of peace and tranquility.

We can use this unique Granite bartops material for interior and exterior designs because it beautifies decorations especially when we talk about the mix of the colors between brown, white, gray, and light black.

Come on, if you’re about to redecorate your place, never hesitate to use Granite bartops!

You can never imagine the luxurious look they’ll add to your home!

Take your time to choose the right color, shape, and texture to make your home a paradise!

Granite bartops have a suitable price. The last granite bar top’s cost will depend on the size of your bar top and on the number of granite pieces you’re obtaining.

From all these options and colors, you can choose the kind that will be proper to your taste and your personality too.