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“Our Large Selection Of Stone Slabs Can Exceed All Expectations”

Here at GSI, our large selection of first-class stones from basic to exotic granite, marble, quartzite, and quartz is sure to have the perfect piece to fulfill every customer’s dreams and budget. Every one of our pieces is inspected in detail to assure the customer great quality. Our specialized team is engaged to offer and advise the customers to make sure they purchase the right stone for their projects.

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Quartz Advantages

Never needs to be sealed

Cutting on quartz will not damage surface

Sanitary (Non-Porous)

Natural quartz is more dense than Granite

Marble Advantages

White base that cannot be matched by granite

Sought after slabs add value to your home

Can withstand high temperatures and pressure

Give a clean and timeless look to your home

Granite Advantages

Resistant to heat, scratching, and etching

Once sealed, stain resistant

The various minerals within granite add depth and character

The color of the countertop will never fade

Quartzite Advantages

Denser and harder than granite

Once sealed, stain resistant

The veining in the stone can resemble marble

Can resemble a marble without the upkeep

EPIC Porcelain Advantages


Highly versatile

Extremely durable

Least maintenance required of all the options